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Photography courtesy of A Little Terroir.

About MISA Floral

What's in a name? The name MISA came along by happenstance while searching for something totally irrelevant. MISA means "beautiful bloom" in Japanese and coincidentally happened to be the founder's initials. Some things were meant to be. 

Flowers redefined. Seeking to change the way you see flowers. By approaching flowers through an artist's eye, floral and plant compositions are elevated to works of art inspired by nature, textiles, and fibers with unexpected, non-traditional details.

Concepts not just projects. Not just pretty flowers in a vase. Constantly pushing the limits and experimenting to bring innovative ideas to clients. Available for events, editorials, installations, displays/sets, art direction, workshops. Special interest in using flowers and plant material as a medium between art and fashion. 

About Michelle

Michelle Samson started tinkering with flowers and plants at a young age, poring through landscaping and gardening books and reading about all things botanical. Her favorite flower that she selected for her mother's garden more than 25 years ago was a rare tri-color Japanese azalea 'Shinsen' which is still growing and thriving to this day.

Three words about Michelle's work: A Beautiful Strange. Drawing disparate inspiration from Dutch paintings, films, textiles and fibers, hip hop artists like Nujabes and A Tribe Called Quest as well as Japanese floral design (ikebana), Michelle, who is a floral designer/artist based in the Washington, D.C. area, creates textural compositions using a mix of florals, foraged materials, and non-traditional elements such as dried mushrooms, skeleton leaves, dyed florals, dried florals, and plants. Her composition work have an organic and natural quality known for their loose, gestural, and garden focused style. Once described as the "Frank Lloyd Wright of Floral Design," she likes to use florals and foliage in unexpected ways.

Additionally Michelle organizes and leads workshops, demonstrations, and events as well as collaborates with local brands and artists for special events, community events, and special projects.

Brands she has collaborated and partnered with include DeNada Design, A Creative DC, Take Care, Framebridge, Kit + Ace, Sofar Sounds, Madewell 1937, Makers Kit, Florescent Perfume, Miks Letterpress, Oh So Good Organics, Chaia, JRINK Juicery, Ice Cream Jubilee, Whole Foods, Afloral.com and more. 

Maketto, Eater Awards 2015 Restaurant of the Year, Washington D.C., featured her work with Donavan Gerald as part of their Postcard Series ®, #003 in the limited edition series.

Her work has been featured by/in the various print/web platforms belonging to: Chickpea MagazineWashingtonian Bride & GroomBrightest Young ThingsMuses & Visionaries MagazineA Creative DCGreen Wedding Shoes100 Layer Cakeand more.

"Being an artist is about pushing boundaries and trying new things." - Sidney Pink. Michelle is currently experimenting with wood and natural materials to create floral, foliage, and wood based sculpture pieces to feature in a future solo exhibition. 

Most recently she collaborated with a group of artists for her first performance art piece at a show hosted by The Wabi Sabi Society.

Michelle takes clients on a limited basis.

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