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Photography courtesy of A Little Terroir.

I believe strongly that all design must have a purpose. A composition cannot exist for its own sake, nor utilize a particular style "just because it looks pretty." I do not see myself simply as a floral designer. I am a visual communicator and a teacher.

I am here to change the way you see flowers. Most people see flowers as merely pretty, fluffy pink objects at weddings. However if you look beyond the obvious and pay attention to all the small details, you will find that flowers have such interesting character and personality. Each bloom has a distinctive shape, texture, color and form that draws us to get a closer experience of the joy and beauty they hold within. With each design I have a concept and use that concept as the story behind my work. One of the best things about the work I do is the opportunity to help others express emotion through flowers. Additionally with my experience engaging with clients, I like to work with my clients to figure out the best way to communicate their ultimate goal for a project, not just mine.

I appreciate the process from the beginning as a flower is blooming and growing as part of a live plant, to the flower being cut fresh and used in a composition, and finally to the end as the flower is drying. The way flowers change as they dry is a really interesting process. It makes you pay attention to all the little details and because you have to wait for the flower to finally dry completely, I think it makes you slow down and appreciate time.

Quality and attention to details drives the work that I do. I source from all over from local flower farms, to different flower markets, to local gardeners, to even foraging for that perfectly arched branch. Why? To provide my clients with a beautiful composition with thought and meaning. And you know the best part of the search? The find. Finding that special bloom and hoping it sparks the same emotion in you as it does in me.

I believe in community and sharing. I hope that in creating, sharing, and teaching about flowers, the floral design process, and sharing new and unusual specimens, you will also learn to enjoy flowers as much as I do and share with your own friends and community. This in turn helps my industry. I am happy to share any knowledge I have about flowers whether in person, through community workshops, and through social media.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” I believe in the power of collaboration especially with other artists and other creatives. I think you can learn new ways of doing things and new processes by working together whether you are a more seasoned designer or fresh out of college. I think other industries under-value our work. If you can zero in on the common interest around the problem you want to solve — and common vision for impact — you can create powerful collective action.

Let's collaborate.

-Michelle Samson, Founder

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